XetaWave offers a new, patent pending, proven technology platform.


XetaWave offers a new, patent pending, proven technology platform featuring a software defined radio (SDR) that can be configured as follows:

  • Multi-speed: 9.6 kbps - 8.8 Mbps
  • Global frequency range
  • Licensed & Unlicensed
  • Dual-band/frequency/path
  • Board level, module, enclosed
  • Two radios in one small enclosure:
    • Dual band
    • Simultaneous Serial & Ethernet
    • Dual Ethernet
    • Back-to-back repeaters
    • Full duplex
  • 10mW to 10W power output
  • UL Class 1 Div 2 & c-UL approved; ETSI certified
  • Multi-Speed TDMA (details)
  • AES-256 encryption available; FIPS 140-2 validation in progress
  • 9710/4710 Drop-in replacement (Xeta-X710 data sheet)
  • Seamless migration path from legacy FGR/DGR/HTPlus networks (INS white paper)
  • Most stringent production testing in the industry (-55°C)


A single, programmable radio that can meet diverse application needs simplifies and reduces the cost of implementation and ongoing management of a wireless communication network. The Xeta Series of radios are designed for applications across multiple industries including oil and gas, water and wastewater, electric power, industrial controls and the military.

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